Glass Doors Installation Victoria BC

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Glass Installation Victoria Can Be Beautiful, Safe, and Strong

Architecture is changing, and so are the elements that go into today’s houses. Among the many changes we are seeing in the industry on new and remodeling projects is a significant increase in the use of glass doors for shower enclosures and other areas of the home. Frosted pantry doors with special decorations, bath house doors with obscure glass leading to a spa or pool changing area, and other locations have created a new, modern look that takes advantage of the beauty of the surroundings and other features in a home. Doors that are functional, well supported and easy to operate also can be statements within an interior. Modern glass production methods continue to improve, producing glass that has better through visibility and is stronger with increased tolerance to temperature changes, bumps, and mounting methods. We do recommend if you are considering a glass door for either an accent piece or practical, everyday use in your home to give us a call with any questions you might have. Our years of professional glass door installation, replacement, and service has given us the edge as the experts on glass doors and their installation in Victoria.

Beautiful and Functional, Glass Shower Enclosures Are Also Practical

With the ability to sanitize and keep looking good both key features consumers are looking for in bathroom and home products these days, a glass shower enclosure is an option that does both well. Glass, especially the type of heavy, tempered, treated glass used for safety and durability in shower surrounds is very easy to sterilize and keep looking terrific with a minimum amount of work. Glass by its nature does not harbor microorganisms well and the type of mounting supports, pins, talons, base plates, and other hardware used to install a glass shower enclosure assures easy, thorough cleaning. Even easier to clean with a minimum of effort are glass shower doors frameless in their design. They have a minimum of parts that must be cleaned around and under, and also offer minimal touch or pressure to operate. A feature sought out by modern home shoppers, a beautiful glass shower door, surround, wall system or full enclosure is low maintenance and keeps its value and nice condition for a very long time.

You Don’t Have to Always Remodel - We Do Replacement Shower Doors

Sometime back in remodeling history began the rumor that in order to change the door on the tub or shower you had to tear out everything and start over. Our answer at Big City Glass is please, give us a call first, especially if a full remodel is simply not practical in your budget. It is often possible to replace grungy, broken down shower doors with a replacement door and refurbished hinges and other mechanisms. This can extend the use of your current bathroom until you truly have the money and time for the full remodeling project, and at a fraction of the cost. We do not, however, recommend trying to replace your shower doors as a do-it-yourself weekend project, mainly because if you have ever tussled with a shower door, you know how easy it is to break, damage, or warp one.  They are notorious for being just a smidge bigger, smaller, taller, thicker, or some other aggravating dimension that will not work after you have purchased what you thought would be a perfect fit. We have been replacing shower doors for many years at Big City Glass, and have the supplies, parts, and access to the correct replacement doors and parts necessary to take care of the job quick, easily, and economically for you. Give us a call for a free quote and save the frustration and down time for your bathroom.

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New Or Replacement Patio Doors Victoria BC Brags About

It is really a good feeling when we get to go out and replace an old patio door that is difficult to open and close and usually is so clouded or fogged you simply can not see through it. Our customers regularly comment on how nice it is to be able to actually see the beautiful neighborhood they live in, or when the dog needs to come in. New or replaced patio doors extend the living area you have available, and having one that is easy to open, close, and lock lets you look forward to the time you can spend on the porch, patio, deck, or in your yard or garden. If your patio doors deserve retirement, give us a call. We will provide a free estimate for replacement of those tired, worn out doors. We also can provide quotes for new construction of energy efficient, easy to operate new installation patio doors in many sizes, and custom glass doors are available should your building plans need something special. Give us a call and let’s create something beautiful you can enjoy using.