Glass Railing Systems

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Contemporary, Sleek, Aesthetic - Glass Railing Systems To Please

One of the newer, more contemporary ideas with glass is railings. Glass railings lean to modern minimalist design for those who seek a clean uncluttered look, or are the window to more outdoors and beautiful cityscape for those who want to drink in the sights surrounding a home or business. Sturdy, glass railings are generally custom designed to fit your exact project, taking into account the support system, use, and location of your rail. Useful for decks, side porches, floating staircases, best stair glass railing services in Victoria, landings, or innovative water and wind protection, glass railings have a myriad of uses. Often priced equivalent or less than standard railing materials, they are a beautiful option that adds value to your property. 

It is important when choosing an installer for any glass rail or enclosure to work with a reputable company with experience in your type of application. There is little room for adjustment on glass rail or enclosure systems, which means that from initial measurements and design to installation professional care and craft perfection need to be exercised at all times. We take great pride in glass rail system design and installation that is correct, fits well, is structurally sound and beautiful, every time.

Making the Great Outdoors Pop Means Installing a Glass Deck Railing

Let’s admit it, we are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world here in Victoria. We take great pride in our properties and lean to green to a great extent, acting as good stewards of the breathtaking surroundings we enjoy daily. Lots of local residents take in part of their day outside, often on their porch or deck. A great way to improve your view that allows your property to blend in to the nature around is Glass Railing Services For Balcony in Victoria. Strong and durable, glass railings are constructed of tempered glass at a thickness chosen for your purposes. They can be made to act as rain and wind blocks so you can enjoy your outside living area for more time during the year. Glass railings also stand up well in our weather conditions, making them a value-added feature for your home or business.

Glass railing

Interior Glass Railing Can Be Used For Landings, Staircases, and Other Features

Floating staircases are the perfect place for a glass handrail system. Glass rails offer protection and support while not taking away from the look and feel of your floating staircase. Rail systems are very price competitive compared to traditional rail systems, and allow air movement and light while maintaining your aesthetic. Various mounting systems are available to make the rail form to the style and shape of your staircase, and different applications have different structural mounting requirements for safety and structural integrity. Our experienced team can help you choose the hardware for mounting to create the look you desire and answer questions about height, thickness, and the type of glass recommended for safety and durability in your application. All glass used in our glass rail systems meets or exceeds recommended requirements of break patterns in tempered glass. We will also make recommendations based on the location of your interior Glass Railing Installation Victoria for the type of design for the installation.  Contact Big City Glass for a free estimate on a custom-designed and engineered glass rail system specially created to compliment your application.

When Your Railing Needs Glass Replacement, Victoria BC, Call Big City Glass

If you should have the unhappy occasion to need a panel or section of your glass rail system replaced due to damage or breakage, please call the experts at Big City Glass. Our many years of experience in the Victoria BC region lets you rest assured the damage will be repaired quickly with as close to an exact match and aesthetic as possible. Our estimates for repairs and replacement are always free of charge, so call us and let’s get your glass rail back into top condition.