Mirror and Glass Replacement

Broken Glass? You Are in Luck With Big City Glass

A favorite large framed picture your family really enjoys hanging over the sofa suffered moving damage with the glass ending up cracked and jagged. A big picture, mirror, glass table top, or even a door can be cumbersome and a real safety concern to try and handle.  Replacing  broken glass yourself simply is not a good option for many repairs involving mirror or glass. Trust the professionals at Big City Glass Victoria BC when you end up with tabletops, windows, mirrors, large pictures, glass door panels, and other items that need some TLC and expert glass replacement work. We can measure, match, and install replacement door panels, Replacement Windows Victoria BC, windows, glass railing panels, wall mirror, and other projects that often involve special glass, heat tempered or treated glass and specific types of mounting or tools. (Please note, it is sometimes difficult if not impossible to exact match antique glass due to materials and mode of manufacture it was produced with and by.)  It takes experience and the right equipment to cut and handle thick, special, or large glass effectively and safely, with an end product that is secured properly, is safe, and looks like new. 

Glass replacement is often an economical choice over replacing a door or entire window. We are a multi-generation locally owned company of professional Glaziers that know how to properly measure and Door Replacement Services In Victoria and window glass so it seals properly and fits well. Call us and let us know what you need replacing or repaired, and we will tell you if we have access to the materials to be able to help you with your project. Our quotes are always free of charge. Let us save your architectural point of interest in your home or a precious heirloom with a new mirror or glass.

Broken Glass