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Window Installation Victoria BC – Your windows are your outlet to the world from your home or business. Sturdy windows that keep out the winds of winter and temper the summer sun make living in your residence more comfortable. Windows are one of the work horses of your property, and their serviceability is important to control your heating and cooling bill, the amount of light your house enjoys, and factor significantly in the curb appeal of your home. Windows need maintenance like the rest of your home. Most windows have sealed casements or framing of some sort now, but in the old days (and there are still plenty of houses that have them in BC) windows had to be glazed and pointed. The was, and is, an art form that extends into the knowledge of the kind of window that would work best for your application and how to properly install that new lens to the world.

If you are designing and building a new home, or are doing renovations and remodeling of your current home or business, locally owned Big City Glass would like to offer a free estimate for installation of the new or Window Replacement Victoria BC. We offer a number of colors, materials, styles, and options to help you get the look you want within your budget. We have two generations of professional Glaziers that operate our company, and as locals we know how important your windows are to your structure. Our quotes are free of charge.  As an official dealer for and certified installer of Millgard and Van Isle windows and doors, we offer a wide selection from traditional glass windows in casement, awning, or sliding formats to newer, sturdy, economical, low maintenance vinyl windows. We also install and replace glass sliding patio doors, and can design and install glass shower enclosures, railing systems, and other components for your home or store. Call us and let’s talk about how we can make your new windows and doors energy efficient windows and beautiful. 

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Why You Should Use a Professional for Window Replacements Victoria BC

There are much easier home and shop repair jobs than replacing windows. One of the main reasons  unknown to many people are the various types of flanges that are used to place windows and doors into the frame or structure of the building. Flanges include nailing fin, rebate, box, and reno flange windows, just to name a few.  Different types of window and window frame materials make a difference in how they have to be installed or replaced, as does the type of exterior finish or primary construction material of the building. Some windows are in frames, some are made up of components. Some slide into the hole where the window is destined to rest, other frames are structurally integral to the actual wall in which they reside. Stucco and brick take different window flanges for proper installation than say a wood or steel frame building or one with siding, whether vinyl or aluminum.  All this knowledge comes with years of experience, and if your window installation or replacement is not done properly, the window will leak, let in the outside air, and can even let in insects and water.  

Windows and doors are also notoriously unruly to handle. Often quite heavy and always bulky, most require two people to install, sometimes more in the case of large patio door systems, large glass railings, and all bay and bow windows. A professional team of window and door installers with years of glass experience assures your windows slide or swing properly and your glass door glides shut with ease. Call us and let us help with suggestions for the right window or door to replace your old, energy inefficient ones that are challenging to open or simply unattractive and in need of an update.

Why We Suggest You Consider Vinyl Windows Victoria BC Rugged

Windows are a substantial investment, whether installed in a new construction or if you would like to replace the ones you currently have in your home or business. While traditional glass windows are well known, there are now rugged vinyl windows that have some great advantages when you are going to replace old, worn, tired  glass windows. Vinyl windows have far less issues with maintenance than traditional wood framed glass windows that often required pointing and glazing. There are no wood frames to attract bugs and fungus, and they seal and set very well into existing construction. They are energy efficient and available in styles that utilize trapped air and gas to act as further insulation. Nearly all vinyl windows are at a good price point and most are less than traditional glass and wood or metal frame windows that require more maintenance. 

As a full service vinyl window supply and installation company, Big City Glass is available to answer any questions you might have about how vinyl windows differ from more traditional wood casement or aluminum frame windows.  We offer some of the most competitive pricing on vinyl window installation Victoria BC has, so call us for a free quote.

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What all Does Big City Glass Install and Replace? Glad You Asked

What is Obscure Glass and How Can It Help Me?

Many people think of glass as, well…glass. Flat plain glass that might be thicker or thinner. The truth is there are a wide variety of glass materials available that range in color to quality of visibility to not being able to be seen through at all.  The last one is known as obscure glass, often glass that is frosted, made opaque, or treated in some manner to make it unable to have visibility. It is often textured or has some type of decorative pattern or coating that prevents it being seen through. Often used on bathroom windows, opaque glass is also a good option for lower or complete windows in bedrooms, hobby rooms, rooms containing collections, and other areas where security or privacy is desired while still having aesthetic appeal.

Need Custom Windows Designed and Installed? We Do It Best

Have you always dreamed of having a beautiful bay window to enjoy what surrounds your home? Or a specialty kitchen or dining room greenhouse window that brings the outdoors inside? Do you have a view that would be set off with a large bow window strategically placed?  Big City Glass has many years of experience designing just the type of glass window or door that meets your specifications. We can work with your own ideas to design and engineer the perfect solution, or work closely with your architect to get just what you want created and then installed. No matter if you are looking for a round window, bay, arch, transom, rake or double rake (double hung), or French windows, we have the experience to create and install exactly what you want.  Glass work requires precision from the start of the project through manufacture and installation as there is little room for adjustment once made and installed. We pride ourselves in high quality projects that accent or improve utilitarian space, adding value to your home. Call us for a free quote on a new bay window addition, an updated custom glass door, glass railing system for your floating stairway, or other specialty glass work. You will be pleased with our pricing, how we stay on schedule, and our expert installation.

When You Need Mirror or Window Repair, We Are Right There!

When you have a broken or not functioning window, two things are generally true. It is worrisome, and it needs fixing as soon as possible. Windows help create barriers and a safety zone for our homes and businesses, and when one is breached it needs immediate attention. We know how important your windows and doors are, and that glass itself needs a professional to do those repairs. Call the experienced team here at Big City Glass and we will be right out to take care of emergency repairs, or schedule a time convenient to you for less pressing issues. As your neighbors here in Victoria, BC, we want you to always know we have what it takes to put glass back where it belongs, quickly and at a good price. Call us and let us take the worry of a broken window or door off your mind with a quality glass repair. Our quotes are always free and we stand behind our customer service.